Capture the sound of falling in love.

A couple shares how they became...a couple! That story could be about meeting for the first time, getting engaged, or simply falling in love. The fast-paced editing mirrors the enthusiasm that comes from telling “our story,” and there’s something very special about the way two voices combine to tell the story together.

And yes, it’s only sound: voices, story, and just the right music.  But this simplicity—and intimacy—is exactly why it’s so powerful.

An Audio Love Story is perfect for the couple who wants something new and memorable for a wedding website, Facebook, or as a fun or touching part of a reception. But maybe best of all, it can be the beginning of a ceremony that no one will ever forget: the guests are seated, the prelude winds down, and the Audio Love Story begins to play. This day is meant to be shared with the people you­ love the most, and now they hear you tell the story of how—and why—it all began. And just as the story wraps up, the bride starts down the aisle. No one will ever forget!

Our first piece is Alana and Cora sharing a wonderful story about their engagement:

Our next story is Kari and Cam telling about the second chance that brought them to their wedding day:

And the third piece is Colin and Dan taking us from their first date to their wedding day, focusing on why they fell in love.

These are wonderful stories to have now—and for the rest of your lives together.  Let us create one for you!