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The Power of Storytelling

My name is Evan Johnson, and I started Ellida Productions, the "parent" of Sounds Charming, almost 25 years ago.

“Ellida” is a family name on my mother’s side, most recently belonging to my grandmother. I see the name almost everyday, but it’s never lost its ability to connect me to the qualities in her that were an inspiration all those years ago.  She drew others in with what I would describe as real warmth—she listened, cared, and smiled a lot.  The company has evolved and expanded over the years, but that connection is still an inspiration.

We love the power and intimacy of sound, but Ellida Productions also uses photography and video to tell our clients’ stories – and we enjoy helping people find the right choices for bringing each story to life.  Learn more at and

I hope you’ll ask me a question, or tell me a story.