Twenty years from now, you'll smile when you
hear their voice.

It could be a parent, a grandparent, a graduate, or any family member with a story to tell. We sit down together for a casually-structured interview to answer questions about growing up, careers, families and relationships, thoughts on religion, or advice to the next generation. And it’s not all serious. We also talk about “favorites”—like hobbies, vacations, or foods. It usually takes about an hour to capture the building blocks of a story. When it’s edited, the interviewer’s questions are taken out so what’s left is only the voice of the person you want to hear.

Why just an hour?  It’s not that there aren’t more stories to be told. (There are.) But an hour is a comfortable length of time for most people to talk.  And it’s a comfortable length of time for most listeners, too.

Each Legacy is particularly special to just a small group of people, and each of them is almost an hour long. It’s so hard to choose, but here are some short excerpts from a few of our favorites.

There's a special power in our own story being told in our own voice.